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Cardiff Pro-Choice Motion Fails at AGM

The motion to declare Cardiff University Pro-choice was quashed at the AGM this evening. Fr. Gareth Jones, Catholic Chaplain to Cardiff University has made this statement:

May I take this opportunity to thank everyone for their commitment, hard work and prayers.
Throughout the preparations for this evening’s debate I was v conscious of the genuine concern for a debate rooted in freedom of expression, inclusivity and respect. I hope and pray that the friendships and conversations will continue. Thank you. Fr. Jones.

We continue to pray for the CathSoc and Students for life at Cardiff University Catholic Chaplaincy after this positive outcome.

To watch the recording of the Cardiff SU AGM, please visit:


Cardiff University Pro-Choice Motion

The University of South Wales Catholic Society supports the Cardiff University Catholic Society and Cardiff University Students for Life Society in opposing the motion to declare Cardiff University a Pro-choice university and restrict the pastoral support that these Catholic societies are able to provide at the University, jeopardising the existence of the Students for Life organisation.

Fr Gareth Jones, Catholic Chaplain at Cardiff University has released the following statement:

The motion sets forth clearly the issues at stake for “Cardiff Students for Life”. Of course it doesn’t reference that CathSoc which predates the Union along with free speech will also be a casualty if this motion is passed. The Chaplain and the President of CathSoc have met on two occasions and recognise that it would not be consistent to endorse or identify with the Cardiff Union in the event of the motion being passed. This motion makes as to presume consent or cooperation in the “pro-choice” political agenda which silences broad debate on fundamental matters of life and the liberty of the person. In matters inconsistent with the Catholic Faith the only option open to Catholics in this event of being silenced and religious liberty trampled upon is to resign from the Union until such a time as a more liberal spirit returns. Catholics recognise their place within civil society and contribute to it. However they must be afforded that legitimate freedom to uphold the Commandment “you shall not kill” even if such is not enshrine in statute in regard to the unborn infant. The exclusion of CathSoc resulting from this motion being passed will not impact upon the internal or social outreach activities of the Catholic Chaplaincy in relation to the Catholic community at the University. However it will necessitate a re-examining of those activities and collaborations of the Catholic community at present. The Chaplaincy at 62, Park Place is the property of the Archdiocese of Cardiff. The chaplain is appointed by the Archbishop. Let us pray for charity in our dealings with those promoting the motion and common sense in overturning this narrow-minded motion.  Fr. Jones

The Cardiff University Catholic Chaplaincy has organised an all-night Adoration vigil to pray for the rejection of this motion.  Please see the event page at:

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To read the motion for the Cardiff Students’ Union AGM, which is being held on Thursday 27th November, please visit:

Please keep this matter in your prayers.