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18th of October 2015, 29th Sunday in Ordinary Time.

A reading from the Holy Gospel according to Mark (10, 35-45)Lapinbleu352C-Mc10_45

Reflections on the Sunday’s Gospel

The Gospel shows us the disciples James and John who demand Jesus for the best seats in the Kingdom. The others are outraged against James and John, moreover, they are jealous. They say, as we do quite often: “Why not us, why not me? O Lord, why do You not grant me what I want?” But Jesus does not react as his disciples. He knows what is in Mankind’s heart. And that is why he wants to change our perspectives. Jesus wants us to understand that power, as domination and crushing, should not be among his disciples, among us and among all the men. This change happens on the Cross, when Jesus is surrounded by two thieves. The cup he drinks is the one of his Passion, and then it will lead Jesus to the Kingdom.

What does this extract from the Gospel tell us? What does it mean for us?

Firstly, the law of the strongest is abolished by the law of the servant. To come into the Kingdom, to live the everlasting life Jesus promised us, we must put love at the centre of our lives. Like Jesus, we must become servants. Secondly, this extract is a call to a daily conversion. It is a call to trust in God and to ask Him what is important for us, as disciples of Jesus Christ: to have opened hearts to His word and His love and to the poorest of us. It is in loving God and our neighbour that we can take part in the everlasting life. That is why we should ask God to teach us how to love better and better every day of our lives. In this Mission Sunday, Pope Francis asks us to be missionaries to claim the Good News to all those who have never heard it and never met God. Let’s beg the Lord to grant us hearts opened to service, daring and mission. And let’s go!