29th of November, First Sunday of Advent time

A reading from the Holy Gospel according to Luke (10, 21-24).


If we experiment days when all is fine, we experiment tougher days, too. Future becomes suddenly a source of anguishness and doubts. The temptation is to look for signs to understand,  interpret or accept what is happening to us. Who has never searched for signs before undertaking something important?  The Mankind has always looked for those signs. We know, for ourselves, our relatives and entire people across the world, the matter of these signs and how they can help us to keep hope, to stand firm and to live.

We begin time of Advent and even the texts soundslike a word for time of crisis, a Sunshine in the middle of the storm or like a resounding word of hope: a world ends, another one begins.

Advent leads us to Christmas, but it is not only a period for preparing this event.

It is a time to combine past, present and future: Christ was, Christ is here, Christ will come again! God made Himself man. Time is to raise our heads up and to stay awake to find the signs of the Kingdom of God in our lives.