25th of October, 30th Sunday in Ordinary Time.

A reading from the Holy Gospel according to Mark (10, 46-52)

The son of Timaeus can not bear it anymore. The crowds just pass in front of him without seeing him. He is sat by the roadside, life is swarning all around. But nothing happens in his own life. As a blind person, he can not see the day light neither taste the joys of the daily life. Bartimaeus is three times excluded. He has become invisible, unblinking and unmoved. He is unhappy because he has expected something better of life.

Once he has heard that Jesus is in Jéricho, he does not want to miss a meeting. He screams his misery of life but also his trust and his faith: “Son of David, Jesus, have pity on me”.

Touched by his prayer, Jesus calls him and invites him to give up his sadness. Bartimaeus recovers his eyesight thanks to the light which gets out from the tumb on the Easter morning. Then, he is allowed to follow him just after this healing. Only the Risen can fulfil his lacks and only the Risen can enlighten his life.

This meeting in Jéricho lightens our daily life. There are events which have to be considered and contemplated with the light of Faith and the Resurrection  of Christ. The Gospel can heal me from my own blindness. Today, like 2000 years ago in Jericho, Jesus meets us by the roadside and calls us to a whole new life. Let’s open our eyes!